“The Last Straw is a lovely book - a sweet eco-tale rendered in obsessive, passionate detail. It could signal a new genre of kids books, the environmental fairy tale.” 
Illustrator, Pulitzer Prize Recipient 2020

A powerful lesson wrapped in endless charm, Zoe Matthiessen’s “The Last Straw” is beautifully conceived, written and illustrated. You can read it to rapt children or read it alone in your den. It’s that good, that important.
Emmy winning television writer (The Simpsons, Seinfeld)

“BRAVO for Sippy, the straw who rails against the very real evils of plastic pollution in this irresistible picture book! Zoe Matthiessen's appealing art, funny rhymes, and essential message are all right on target. The Last Straw will inspire even the littlest of readers to help stem the tide of plastic trash and save the lives of the millions of animals literally caught up in our toxic mess.”
Naturalist and author of 
The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness

“This book is a triumph. Zoe Matthiessen has given us a luminous, witty story that accomplishes the seemingly impossible feat of turning our destructive dependence on single-use plastic into a narrative that is easy to grasp and discuss . . . with our kids and everyone else. It is brave, brainy, a strong moral statement and stunningly beautiful! An instant classic.”
Independent Illustrator, Journalist, Educator

"For several years now I've been a fan of Zoe's environmental drawings and her mastery of pen and ink. To see this project come to fruition is a wonderful thing and I hope this book motivates others to care for our planet a little bit more."  
Illustrator, Educator and President of the Society of Illustrators

"Kids—or really anybody—interested in the environment will enjoy The Last Straw's witty words and luscious art. Zoe Matthiessen is a top talent, truly one-of-a kind." 
Editor & Publisher, The American Bystander

“Through her illustration and verse, Zoe gets us to look directly to what we’re doing when we throw away plastic, through the endearing character of Sippy the plastic straw, and all the animals we encounter. Take a cue from Sippy on the last page, “What can you and your family do to use less plastic?” There are some great tips there which are not difficult to implement.”
Jazz Pianist, Composer & Arranger
“Sippy may dream of being recycled, but that isn’t in the cards for him. Matthiessen kept that in mind as she hand drew each distinct piece of plastic that Sippy comes across in his journey.
Am I supposed to end with him lying in a landfill or going up in smoke?” she remembered. “There’s really no happy ending in this world for a plastic straw. So we talked about it, and we decided that he never dies. He just keeps floating around and telling his tale and that is his purpose. To tell his story. He’s immortal. He’s plastic. He’s always going to be with us—but at least he can educate kids and adults along the way.”

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